T-MOTOR Velox VELOCE V2208 V1 2208 1950KV 5-6S / 2450KV 4S Brushless Motor




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Designed to allow pilots to break through themselves, unfettered, and enjoy the fun of flying;Ride the wind and waves, fly without worries, break through yourself, and unlock unlimited possibilities!The 12mm length and the well-designed nut not only reduce the weight of the motor, but also effectively protect the thread at the end of the steel shaft from damage, allowing you to fly with peace of mind.

Adding bearing protection rubber ring and annular gasket can effectively protect the bearing, reduce the probability of damage, and the service life of Yancheng.M3*4 high-strength steel round-head screws securely lock the motor without fear of falling off; you can easily buy it even if you lose it accidentally.3MM thick base design, more robust.

Package Included:

1x V2208 Brushless Motor

1x Motor Nut

1x bag of Screws



Brand: T-motor

Model: Velox VELOCE V2208 V1

Item Name: 2208 1950KV 5-6S / 2450KV 4S Brushless Motor

KV: 1950KV / 2450KV ( Optional)

Quantity: 1 PC

Color: Golden ( 1950KV Version) / Sliver ( 2450KV Version)

Version: CW Screw Thread


KV ( Optional) 1950KV 2450KV
Resistance 60mΩ  40mΩ
Slot pole 12N14P 12N14P
Shaft Diameter 5mm 5mm
Dimension Φ28.8×31.65mm 29.2×31.55mm
Motor silicone wire  20#, 150mm 20#, 150mm
Motor weight 39g (including wire)  39g (including wire)
Input Voltage 5-6S 4S
No-load current (10V) 1.25A 1.92A
Maximum power(60S) 863W 625W
Maximum current(60S) 37.6A 41.35A

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