Quick-Release Low-Noise Propeller Set for Mavic Mini


These propellers are exceptionally quiet.

– Very Quiet.

– Compatible with the Mavic Mini.

– Small and lightweight.


Processing time : 24 Hours


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Quick-Release Low-Noise Propeller Props Blade Set 8 Pcs.

These propellers are compatible with the Mavic Mini and are exceptionally quiet. They provide a strong but quiet thrust to the drone.

Package Included:
2 x Propeller (pair)
12 x Screw


Specification :
Brand Name: DJI
Item Name: Propeller
Color: Black
Diameter × Pitch: 119.38×66.04 mm (4.7×2.6 inches)
Weight: 0.5 g each


Additional information

Weight 0.017 kg


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