PowerVision PowerRay WIFI FPV 4K HD Camera Underwater Drone With VR Goggles & Powerseeker Fishfinder


Explore the ocean, fishing and finding treasures made easy.

– 4K HD 95°wide angle camera

– Max 30m depth free diving

– 4 hours endurance time

– 1080P real-time transmission

– The burst mode shoots up to 5 frames per second

– Underwater shooting and fishing

– With Powervision Edition of ZEISS VR ONE Plus

– Immersive VR goggles, support simultaneous connection of multiple devices, and gravity sensing control diving


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PowerVision PowerRay WIFI FPV 4K HD Camera – 4 Hours Working Time – 30m Diving Underwater Drone With VR Goggles & Powerseeker Fishfinder

The best drone for fishing and finding treasures under water.
The underwater drone is equipped with a 4K wide angle camera with 1080P real-time transmission so you can monitor everything underwater.

You can dive up to 30 meters deep for up to 4 hours and explore the ocean. With the PowerSeeker fish finder you can find and even attract fish.

The perfect drone to explore the underwater world.


Power Ray Use :

  • Underwater videography
  • Fishing visualization
  • Boat inspection
  • Treasure hunting
  • Commercial inspection
  • Marine research
  • Fishing technology tool
  • Experience FPV technology


Package Included:

Explorer Version:

1 x PowerRay Underwater RC Drone

1 x Remote Controller

1 x Base Station

1 x 50m Communication Cable

1 x 32G SD Card

1 x Charger Adopter

1 x Phone Holder

1 x Carrying Case

1 x User Manual

Wizard Version:

1 x PowerRay Underwater RC Drone

1 x Remote Controller

1 x PowerSeeker Fish finder

1 x VR Goggles

1 x Bait Drop

1 x  PowerSeeker Charging Cable

1 x Base Station

1 x 70m Communication Cable

1 x 64G SD Card

1 x Charger Adopter

1 x Phone Holder

1 x Wheeled Case

1 x User Manual



Item Specification:

PowerRay Underwater Drone

Size 465 * 270 * 126mm
Weight About 3.8kg
Maximum working depth ≤ 30m
Working temperature 14 ° F ~ 122 ° F(0 ° C ~ 40 ° C)
Maximum forward speed 3Kn (1.5m / s)
Endurance time 4h(Hydrostatic water)
1.5h(Hydrostatic water,L level,low speed)
0.5h(Hydrostatic water,H level,high speed)
Anti current performance 3 ~ 4Kn (2m / s)
Battery 94.72wh 6400mah
Charging Voltage 16.8V
Weight About 0.2kg
Communication cable length 50m/70m
Image sensor 1 / 2.3 inch CMOS; effective pixel 12.4 million
Lens (aperture) 2.8
ISO range 100-1600
Electronic shutter speed: 1 / 30 ~ 60s
Maximum resolution 12M (4000 * 3000)
Photo shooting mode single shot
multiple shot (BURST): 5 sheets PIV
Video resolution 4K: 3840 × 2160 25fps (default)
1440P:2560×1440 50fps
FHD:1920X1080 30/60fps
Slow motion video 3 times, 4 times speed
Video storage maximum data rate 60M
Image format JPEG, PNG
Video format MP4, MOV (MPEG-4, AVC / H. 264)
Storage capacity 32G/ 64G
Frequency 2.4GHz to 2.483GHz
Max Transmission Distance 10m
Continuous working time About 20h
Charging time About 3.5h
Operating temperature 0~40°C
Size spherical, diameter 68mm
Weight About 100g
Sonar frequency 125kHz
Detection angle 30°
Detection depth 0.6-40m
Operating temperature – 20 ° C D25- 65 ° C
Communication mode WiFi
Maximum communication distance 90m
Fish trap lamp blue LED light * 6
Continuous working time ≥ 2 hours

– Innovative remote control bait

– The PowerRay base station has a 50m/70m long waterproof tether connected to the vehicle.

– PowerRay is equipped with a PowerSeeker fish finder, equipped with a fish attracting light at the bottom, which can detect fish and terrain conditions under 40 meters, and display it in real time through the PowerRay APP.

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