iFlight SL5 V2.1 217mm Wheelbase 5 Inch Freestyle Frame Kit



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Package Included:
1 x iFlight SL5 V2.1 217mm 5Inch Frame Kit (Optional Color)
Brand: iFlight
Item Name: SL5 V2.1 217mm 5Inch Frame Kit
Color: Pink/White
Wheelbase: 217mm
Frame Size: 166*139mm
Net Weight: 151g
Internal Height: 28mm
Arm Thickness: 5mm
Arm Width Part: 12-15mm
Top Plate Thickness: 2mm
Bottom Plate Thickness: 2.5mm
Splint Thickness: 3mm
Support Flight Controller Mount Hole: 20*20mm/30.5*30.5mm
Support Camera: 19mm/20mm
Motor Mount Hole: 16*16mm
Recommended Brushless Motors: 22XX, 23XX series motors
1. Update the quick release arm.
2. The boom has upgraded its explosive strength.
3. Post-image transmission structure.
4. Brand new TPU print.
5. Image transmission antenna base.






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