iFlight Cyber XING 2306.5 1777KV/1999KV/2555KV 2-6S

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Eye-catching design and extreme performance.

– High-strength 4mm Titanium alloy shaft.

– Ultra smooth & durable bearings.

– XING damping technology.

– Heat-resistant copper wire.

– Smoother power distribution.

– Kawasaki 1200 Iron Core.

– N52H High-temperature magnets

– Hex bolt shaft set screw.


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iFlight Cyber XING 2306.5 1777KV/1999KV/2555KV 2-6S Motor 10*4*4mm NSK 4mm Titanium Alloy Shaft

Awesome golden design and incredible performance in one package. This motor offers many features and is perfect for fpv racing.
Impress your competitors, not only with the appearance.


Package included:
1* Cyber XING 2306.5 Motor
1 Bag* Hardware Set


Brand: iFlight
Item Name: Cyber XING 2306.5 Motor
KV: 1777KV/1999KV/2555KV (Optional)
Recommend Lipo: 2~6S
Quantity: 1PC
Weight: 32g
Color: Golden


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Weight 0.06 kg

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