Holybro X500 Pixhawk 4 500mm Frame Kit



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Holybro X500 Pixhawk 4 500mm Wheelbase Frame Kit Combo 2216 880KV Motor

A large high quality 500mm frame kit with either 433MHz or 915MHz.

It weighs 978g and comes with 1045 propeller and 2216 880KV Motor.

Package Included:
1 x Holybro X500 Pixhawk 4 Kit Combo


Specifications  : 

· Pixhawk 4 autopilot
· Power Management PM07
· Motors – 2216 KV880(V2 Update)
· Propeller 1045( V2 Update)
· Pixhawk4 GPS
· 433MHz Telemetry Radio / 915MHz Telemetry Radio
· Power and Radio Cables
· Battery Straps
· Dimensions: 410*410*300mm
· Wheelbase: 500mm
· Weight: 978g

Note: No LiPo battery included.


X500 Frame Kit Assembly Guide


Additional information

Weight 1.467 kg



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