Holybro Kopis 149mm 3 Inch 4S with DJI FPV Air Unit


Designed for Racing superiority.

– Strong and Lightweight carbon frame.

– Beautiful aerodynamic Design.

– Battery protection.

– DJI Air Unit included in Package.

– Powerful KV3800 Motor.

– Kakute F7 HDV Flight Controller.


Processing Time : 1-3 Days


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Holybro Kopis 149mm 3 Inch 4S CineWhoop FPV Racing Drone with DJI FPV Air Unit 


Includes the DJI FPV Air Unit.

Fly with confidence with the Holybro Kopis racing drone. Your friends will be eating your dust as you speed ahead during competitions. The Holybro Kopis is designed for racing superiority with a sleek carbon frame. This frame allows your aircraft to stay as lightweight as possible which is a major competitive advantage. Additionally, in the event that you crash, the carbon frame has the strength to limit any damage done to your drone, so you’ll be up in the air again in no time. The Holybro Kopis will not only win races, it will look good as is it does. The aircraft is moulded into a beautiful aerodynamic shape that turns heads as it speeds through the air.

With practicality in mind, the Holybro Kopis has many useful inbuilt features to your your piloting experience as simple as possible. The centrally positioned battery strap is designed to secure and protect your battery packs to prevent losing equipment, even in a crash.


Package Included:
1 x Kopis CineWhoop FPV Racing Drone
1 x DJI FPV Air Unit
4 x T3140 Propeller
1 x Battery Strap(installed)


Brand name: Holybro
Item name: Kopis 149mm 3 Inch 4S CineWhoop
Frame:3mm 3k carbon fiber
Flight Controller:Kakute F7 HDV
ESC:Tekko32 F3 4in1 45A mini ESC
VTx:DJI FPV Air Unit
Motor: F1507 KV3800
Propeller: T3140
Battery plug: XT60
Wheelbase: 148.6mm
Weight:274g(included DJI air unit)
Recommend battery: 650mah~1300mah 4S

Additional information

Weight 1.027 kg


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