HBFPV DX40 92mm Wheelbase 40mm EVA Duct Tinywhoop Frame



Processing Time : 1-3 Days

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Package Included:
1 x 1.0+1.5mm CF set: Bottom+Top+Sides
1 x 1mm VTX Convert CF HUB-25-16-M2
4 x 40mm DX Ducts + EVA Protector

3 x M2x20 Double-Pass Nylon Column

6 x KM2x8 Nylon Column Screws

4 x KM2x22 FC Screws
20 x M2x2 Nylon Nuts
4 x M2x1 Nylon Damper
4 x M2x6 PC Screws for VTX
4 x M2x7 Single-Pass Nylon Column
2 x CM2x3.5 Cam Screws
16 x CM1.6×3 Motor Screws
12 x KA1.6×6 Duct Screws
1 x W10x15mm Battery Bundle
1 x Pair Stick


Brand name: HBFPV
Item name: DX40 Frame Kit
WheelBase: 92mm
CF Thickness: 1.5mm + 1.5mm + 1.0mm
Material of Plastic: Enhanced Nylon
Motor Mount: M2x9mmx4 holes, M1.6×8.5mmx4 M1.4×6.6mmx3 holes  0803/1102/1103 motor
Cam Mount: M2 x 14mm, support Nano2, EOS2, Caddx Baby Turtle, etc.
FC Mount: 25.5×25.5mm + 16x16mm
Total Weight: 32g (inc. CF+Ducts+EVA+Screws+Others)
KIT Pack Size: 132x132x33mm
Pack Weight: 121g

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