GEPRC CineKing 4K 95mm 3-4S 2 Inch – BNF/PNP


Lightweight and compact quad with the capability of 4K 30fps.

– 4K 30FPS HD Video Recording

– Dual Camera System – low latency

– STABLE F411 electronic system

– Stable video and comfortable FOV

– No sight of propellers and propeller protection frames in your video



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We are pleased to introduce CineKing 4K to you, a lightweight and compact quad which can accomplish some tasks that traditional aerial photographic aircraft can not accomplish, with capability of shooting beautiful and moving film up to 4K 30fps.
CineKing is mainly for indoor shooting, not only aerial photography, but also through obstacles, competitions, etc. The propeller protection is very safe. It has good airflow, safety, durability, and high efficiency, without fear that the propeller will harm people.
We redesigned the frame of CineKin, which is very compact and flexible at 95mm wheelbase. The weight of GR1103 2S version is about 89g. It can cross obstacles very flexibly and complete some difficult aerial photography actions. CineKing has opted for an electronic system called STABLE F411, which is lighter and runs stably.
On the power side, CineKing is equipped with GR1103 8000KV (3S battery) and GR1105 5000kv (4S battery) motors, compatible with 3-4s power supply. 3S is suitable for indoor shooting, 4S has stronger wind resistance and power.
CineKing is carefully assembled and tested by the GEPRC team. When you get the BNF suite, you can bing and fly.For PNP suite, you need a sbus reciever of your own.


Package Included:
1 x CineKing 4K 3-4S FPV Racing Drone


Model: CineKing 4K
Frame: GEP-CK2
Wheelbase: 95mm
Camera: Caddx Tarsier 4K 1200TVL
Propeller: 2inch
Receiver option: Frsky XM+/ Frsky R-XSR/ Frsky R9mm/TBS Nano SE/DSMX/Futaba/FlySky

CineKing 1105:
Motors: GR1105 5000KV
Recommend battery(Not included): 3-4S 450-550mAh Battery
Weight: 4s version 98g(Without battery)

STABLE F411 Flight Controller(16*16mm) MCU: STM32F411
IMU: MPU6000 gyro/accelerometer (SPI)
OSD: BetaFlight OSD w/ AT7456E chip
BEC Output: 5V@2A
Size: 21mm*21mm
Mounting holes: 16mm*16mm
Integrated LC Filter
Input voltage 2-4S LIPO
Firmware target: MATEKF411
Weight: 2.5g
STABLE F411 BLheli_S 4IN1 12A ESC(16*16mm) MCU: BB21F16G
Continuous current: 12A
Input voltage : 2-4S LIPO
ESC protocol: pwm, oneshot125, multishot, dshot150, 300, 600, etc.
Size: 23mm*21mm
Mounting hole 16*16mm
Firmware target: Blheli_S G_H_30
Current meter: 210
Weight: 2.7g
STABLE F411 VTX 5.8G 200mW(16*16mm) Power : PIT/25/100/200mW
Antenna interface : IPEX (UFL)
Telemetry: IRC Tramp
Size: 17mm*27mm
Mounting holes: 16*16mm
Integrated LC Filter
Weight: 1.6g

HD Video Recording: 4K@30fps, 2.7K@60fps, 1080P@90fps.
Dual Camera System: 1200TVL FPV camera of competition-level, low latency within 10ms.
WIFI/APP support: Video recording parameters are adjustable by WIFI/APP.
New Propeller Guard: Better airflow, higher flight efficiency.
Using STABLE F411 electronic system, which is very stable.
Full Soft Mounted FC System: Provides a clean operating environment for gyro.
Say Goodbye to Jelly: Stable video and comfortable FOV.
The newly designed GEP-CK2 frame has a more reasonable layout.
Aerial Photography Friendly: No sight of propellers and propeller protection frames in your video.
There are 2S and 4S versions to meet different flight requirements.
Taillight Design: Eye-catching night view and lighting effects.
Exquisite Assembly Process: Eliminate any potential installation problems.
Fine pre-tuned PIDs by GEPRC team, you can bind and fly

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