Diatone 2019 GTR548 5 Inch 4S 230mm PNP

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Limited-edition Drone for Diatone’s 7th anniversary.

– Limited Edition.

– Long 5 inch propellers.

– Strong and ultra-lightweight carbon fibre frame.

– Powerful Mamba Racing MB2207 2650KV Motor.

– Foxeer Predator V3 Camera for clear and smooth footage.

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Diatone 2019 GTR548 5 Inch 4S PNF 230mm FPV Racer PNP w/ 40A TBS VTX Foxeer Predator V3 Camera

Get your hands on the limited-edition drone released in February 2019 for Diatone’s 7th anniversary. This aircraft was designed with style. The sleek blue is complemented by orange propellers to create an eye-catching, cool drone that looks incredible both on the ground and in the sky. Diatone went all out to make this drone special from every angle, including some cool cat graphics on the underside of the drone.

This drone was not only made to look good; it also performs brilliantly. The frame is strong carbon fibre which is there to keep the aircraft lightweight while giving it maximum strength and protection. The mount canopy has a solid design that seems virtually indestructible to protect the components and camera it supports. This aircraft will be able to take a beating without getting damaged. The 2019 special edition is fitted with the high quality Foxeer Predator V3 Camera so you can experience brilliant FPV scenes as you fly with crystal clear video footage.

In a rare move for mini quads, the Diatone 2019 GT R548 comes with shockingly long 5 inch propellers. These lengthy appendages have the ability to carry your drone far and wide with impressive strength and stability. Reach higher heights and further distances with propellers that can take your flight to the next level.

The propellers have little work to do however as the Diatone 2019 GT R548 is remarkably light weight with a carbon fibre frame that is strong enough to survive multiple crashes without damage. The ultra-lightweight properties of this drone increase the speed levels at which it can operate. And, with the strength of the Mamba racing MB2207 2650KV Motor, the drone has tons of power to back it up and keep it zooming through the sky. Get an unbelievable first person view, flying experience with the fitted Foxeer Predator V3 camera that gives clear, smooth footage that whisks you along for the ride.

Package included:
1 x Diatone 2019 GTR548
Brand Name: Diatone
Model: GTR548 5 Inch 4S PNF
Item Name: 230mm Wheelbase 5 Inch FPV Racing Drone
Version: PNP ( Without Receiver, battery and radio transmitter)
Wheelbase: 230mm
Frame Kit Material: 3K Carbon Fiber & 3D Printed TPU Canopy
Propeller: 5 Inch
Antenna: FOXEER lollipop
Lipo Battery: support 4S (not included)
Flight Controller: Mamba F405; MPU6000; AT7456 OSD; 16M flash; 5V 2A BEC.
ESC: Mamba F40 / 40A 4-6S ESC Dshot600
Motor: Mamba Racing MB2207 2650KV Motor
Camera: Foxeer Predator V3 Camera

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