DALProp NEPAL N1 51435 5.1 Inch Freestyle Sweepback 3-Blade 2x



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2x DALProp NEPAL N1 5.1 Inch Freestyle Sweepback Propeller POPO Support 

The design of these propellers is inspired by the Nepal knife Kukri and also by the Sweep-Back wing of Planes.

Smooth, fast responsive, low-noise propellers for your drone.

Package Included:
2x CW Propeller
2x CCW Propeller


Brand Name: DALProp
Model: NEPAL N1
Item Name:  51435 5.1 Inch Freestyle Sweepback 3-Blade Propeller
Propeller Diameter: 5.1 Inch
Pitch: 4.35
Blade: 3
Material: German Bayer PC
Center Thickness: 6mm
Center Hole Inner Diameter: 5mm POPO
Color: Crystal Red/ Crystal Blue/ Crystal Gray ( Optional)
Quantity: 2 CW & 2 CCW
Weight: 3.7g

Additional information

Weight 0.049 kg

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