BrotherHobby Avenger V3 2306.5 2000KV 6S/ 2450KV 5S



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Looking for a really strong race or freestyle motor ? Then this one is perfect for you. The Brother Hobby Avenger V3 2306.5 has extreme thrust and can take a lot of heat.

Suitable for 6-7′ props on 5S and absolutely cracking on 6S with 5.1′ high pitch props. Forget about fine tuning your betaflight filters to minimise heat, the mil spec windings can take up to 260 degrees C before breaking a sweat. These beasts smash out over 2kgs of thrust at a peak of 52A on 5.1′ props on 6S!

Package Included:
1*  Brother Hobby Avenger V3 2306.5 2000KV/ 2450KV Motor


Brand:Brother Hobby
Item Name: Avenger V3 2306.5 Motor
KV: 2000KV/ 2450KV (Optional)
Stator Dimension: 23mm
Stator Height: 6.5mm
Motor Dimension: Φ28*32.9mm
Weight: About 34g (Including Cable)

Additional information

Weight 0.041 kg



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