BetaFPV Beta85X Whoop HD Digital Version 3S 85mm


 Enjoy a brand-new flying experience with this ultralight 3s drone

– Ultra lightweight – weights only 66.6g

– Optimal weight/power ratio

– Modified Nebula Nano Kit

– Do all FPV freestyle tricks with HD footage

– HD digital VTX


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It only weights 66.6g! Beta85X HD Digital VTX perfectly meets the optimal ratio between weight and power.

With the special modified Nebula Nano Kit, the total weight of the drone is significantly reduced and flight

experience improved a lot. Pilots can easily achieve almost all kinds of FPV freestyle tricks with HD footage.

If you want to enjoy a brand-new flying experience with HD digital VTX whoop, this Beta85X HD digital VTX

ultralight 3S drone will be your best choice.


Package Included:

1 x Beta85X Whoop Quadcopter (HD Digital VTX)
1 x Gemfan 2020 4-blades Propellers (2CW+2CCW)




Beta85X HD
Weight 66.6g(w/o Battery)
Beta85X Frame

Wheelbase: 85mm

Material: Clear plastic

Motor mounting hole: for 110x motors ( such as 1105 6000KV motors )

FC mounting hole: fully compatible with whoop style FC board mounting pattern, 26mm x 26mm

LED Holder Available

Weight: 10g

Beta F4 2-4S AIO F4 AIO Weight: 5.07g



CPU: STM32F411CEU6 (100MHZ )
Six-Axis: MPU6000 (SPI connection)

Size: 26mm x 26mm, whoop mounting pattern
Firmware version: BETAFPVF411 (BEFH)
OSD: Built-in BetaFlight OSD (STM32 controls OSD chip over SPI in DMA mode)
Receiver: Support Frsky XM/XM+ Receiver/ Futaba Receiver/ Flysky Receiver/ TBS Crossfire Receiver. Add Frsky R9M Receiver and BETAFPV Micro DSMX Receiver (Don’t support DSMX RX with 3.3V solder pad ) since V1.2.
Support programmable LED like WS2812 etc
Built-in current sensor



Support BLheli/BLHELI_S suite Pass-through ready
Support PWM, Oneshot125, Oneshot42, Multishot, Dshot150, Dshot300, Dshot600
Input voltage: 2S-4S Lipo
Continue current: 12A
Peak current: 13A
Firmware: BLHELI_S
Processor: SILABS EFM8BB21F16G
Motor Connectors: 1.25mm header pins connector
Factory firmware: G-H-30-16.7

Beta 1103 Motor Height: 14mm
Shaft: φ1.5mm
Motor Mount Holes: M1.6 on Dia 8.5mm
KV (rpm/V): 8000
Plug: Micro JST-1.25 3-pins connector
Gemfan 2020 4-Blade Propellers 1.5mm Shaft Weight: 0.93g
Blades: 4
Material: PC
Prop Disk Diameter: 50.3mm
Center Thickness: 4.5mm
Shaft Hole: 1.5mm
Receiver Option  Frsky XM+ / TBS Crossfire
Camera& VTX Camera Degree: 25°-45°
HD digital camera & VTX: Modified Caddx Nebula Nano Kit 

Equipped with a modified Nebula Nano HD Kit, it further loses the weight of the drone,

which only weighs 14.2g, brings the Digital FPV more possibility to achieve different kin

-ds of freestyle tricks. This kit also can support with DJI goggles. With DJI goggles, it can

provide 720p/60fps digital high-definition picture and a transmission range up to 4km.

Users can choose 25mW/200mW/500mW/700mW from DJI goggle settings. 

Air 5.8GHz Antenna (LHCP) Connector: IPEX
Polarizability: LHCP
Gain: 2.2Dbi
Color: Blue
Weight: 1.1g (1 pc)
Dimensions: 10.3mm*50mm
Center Frequency: 5.8GHz
Bandwidth: 500 MHz (5.5 – 6.0GHz)
Recommend 3S 450mAh battery (Not including) Capacity: 450mAh
Voltage: 11.1V
Discharge Rate: 75C
Max Burst Discharge Rate:150C
Connector: XT30
Size: 61*15*18mm
Flighttime: 4 min 30 sec on Beta85X (smooth flight in a windless environment)
Weight: 44g


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