BETAFPV Beta85X Flip-chip Version F4 AIO 12A V2 FC 4S VTX Whoop



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BETAFPV Beta85X Flip-chip Version F4 AIO 12A V2 FC 4S 1105 5000KV Motor With M02 25-350mW 5.8Ghz VTX Whoop

Package Included:

1 X Beta85X V2 Whoop Quadcopter

1 X Insta360 GO Camera Mount

1 X Cutomsized Naked Camera Mount

1 X Case for Naked Camera V2

1 X BEC Board

1 X EMAX Avan 2″ 4-Blades Props(2CW+2CCW)

1 X Screw Pack



Brand: Beta85X

Item Name: Flip-chip Version

Power System: 4S

Flight Controller:  F4 AIO 12A FC V2

Frame: Beta85X Frame

Motors: 1105 5000KV with Connector

Props: EMAX Avan 2″ 4-Blades Props

Receiver Option: Frsky XM+ / DSMX / Futaba S-FHSS / TBS Crossfire

Camera: EOS Camera  25-45° Angle Adjustable

Angle of Recording Camera Mount: 15°

VTX: M02 25-350mW 5.8G VTX

Flight time: 4min – 5min with 450mAh 4s 75C Battery

Flight Controller  CPU: STM32F411CEU6 (100MHZ )

Six-Axis: MPU6000 (SPI connection)

Size: 26mm x 26mm, whoop mounting pattern

Firmware version: BETAFPVF411 (BEFH)

OSD: Built-in BetaFlight OSD

(STM32 controls OSD chip over SPI in DMA mode)

 ESC   Support BLheli/BLHELI_S suite Pass-through ready

Support PWM, Oneshot125, Oneshot42, Multishot, Dshot150, Dshot300, Dshot600

Input voltage: 2S-4S Lipo

Continue current: 12A

Peak current: 13A

Firmware: BLHELI_S

Processor: SILABS EFM8BB21F16G

Factory firmware: G-H-30-16.7

 Motor 1105 6000KV 3S 11.1V / 1105 5000KV 4S 14.8V 450mAh Battery

Recommended Parts (No Including):


New whoop style, better fly operability. With the quite popular pusher configuration, cameras and batteries are placed on the top of the drone. The drone can be controlled better in flight while the center of gravity is concentrated.

Beta85X V2 supports to install two HD cameras, more choices for your FPV shooting. It especially comes with 2 camera mounts, pilots can equip Insta360 GO or Naked camera case on the drone to get a fairly clear video.

Stable camera, clear video. Beta85x uses a rubber damper to further eliminate the shake of the HD camera on the flight. Pilots can capture all the beautiful moments of flight with a stabilized and clear video.

With the 15° degree camera mount, Beta85X V2 is perfectly suitable for recording HD video on a smooth flight.

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