AuroraRC MANFU24 3Inch 153mm Wheelbase Frame



Processing Time : 1-3 Days

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AuroraRC MANFU24 3Inch 153mm Wheelbase Frame Kit –  Compatible with DJI Air Unit

Package Included:

1 x AuroraRC MANFU24 3Inch 153mm Wheelbase Frame Kit



Brand: AuroraRC

Item Name: MANFU24

Wheelbase: 153mm

Size: 215*188mm

Frame Kit Weight: 185g
Bottom Plate Thickness: 2mm
top Plate Thickness: 2mm
Arm Thickness: 2mm
Arm Width: 6mm
Installation Height of Electronic Equipment: 25mm(Aluminum Column Height: 25mm)
Flight Controller Hole: 20mmx20mm(3 Positions)& 30.5×30.5mm(1 Position)

Recomended Parts: (No Included)

Motor: 15xx/16xx(12x12mm Mounting Hole)

Propeller: 75mm Diameter Blade / 3 Inch Propeller(30xx)

Camera Witch: compatible with 19mm/20mm

VTX: 20*20mm/30.5*30.5mm Mounting Hole DJI FPV AIR UNIT

GPS: Unlitmited, universal Support

Battery: 800-1300mAh 3-6S Lipo Battery

Note: DJI Air Unit is NOT INCLUDED


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