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4 X EGODRIFT ATOM BABY GOLD EDITION 2306 2700KV 4-5S Brushless Motor for 5 Inch Drone 

FPV motor art by Miss Creature meets true craftsmanship of EGODRIFT: Say hello to our hand-wound Atom Baby 2306 motors. Born from a drawing that we stumbled upon in the Rotor Riot Facebook group and brought to life by our team of seasoned engineers and pilots – as well as our dear Lexie Janson (MaiOnHigh).

The Gold Edition comes with a bell and base in a shiny gold color, precision machined to perfection on the Japanese Tsugami 5D CNC machines in our EGODRIFT factory.

Inside the bell rests a 12-pole hand-wound stator, loaded to the max with high temperature copper wire, as well as 14 high performance N52SH ARC magnets, working together to make our ABB’s one of the most powerful FPV brushless motors out there. Perfectly suited for FPV racing and FPV freestyle on light to medium weight rigs.

The 1700kV version is designed to drive 5-5.5 inch props on 6S, while the 2400kV and 2700kV versions will push your setup to it’s limits on 4-5S and 4S LiPo batteries.

The open bottom base offers a 16x16mm bolt pattern to fit all new (and old) frames and is anodized in gold color. The motor is held together by our shaft screw and machined screw holder for easy removal or replacement of bell and stator. Yes, we hate C-clips as much as you do.

Each motor weighs in at 36 grams, including the 16 cm long 20AWG soft silicone wires for easy soldering and use with 4 in 1 ESCs.

Each Atom Baby motor comes in one of our durable, white “EGODRIFT Stickerbo mb” design boxes. Inside you’ll also find a set of black steel M3 motor screws in both 6 and 8mm lengths, to accommodate for a variety of frames and frame arm thicknesses. Also included: Two anodized self-locking (nylock) aluminium nuts in black color.


Package Included:

4 x Atom Baby 2306 2700KV Gold Edition




Item Name: ATOM BABY GOLD EDITION 2306 Brushless Motor

Stator Size: 2306

Motor Configuration: 12N14P

Motor Weight: 33g excl. wires, 36g incl. wires

Base Colour: Gold

Wire Colour: Copper

Motor Wire Type: High temperature copper wire

Motor Shaft: Hardened steel (Hollow)

Shaft Diameter: 5.0 mm

LiPo Cells: 4S, 5S

Magnets: N52SH Arc

Stator Diameter: 23 mm

Stator Height: 6 mm

Stator Lamination: 0.15 mm (+)

Screw Hole Diameter: 3,0 mm

Connection: 20AWG Soft Silicone Wires, Length: 16cm

Designer: Kyrstie Kayla-Rose Nesplak (Miss Creature)


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