30.5×30.5mm MAMBA F405 MK3 Lite 3~6S F4 Flight Controller MPU6000 OSD 9V BEC

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Processing Time : 1-3 Days

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Package Included:

1x Mamba F405 MK3 Lite Flight Controller


Specifications :

Item name: Mamba Basic F405 MK3 Lite Flight Control

MCU: 168MHz STM32F405RGT6
IMU: MPU6000
Barometer: No
OSD: Yes
Blackbox: 16M Flash Memory
Uarts: 5 Set
ESC Soft: Dshot300/600/1200
ESC Telemetry: Yes
Power Led: Yes
LED Controller: BF LED
4 Set 2812 LED
F.Port: Yes
Buzz: Yes
Input: 3~6S Lipo (12.6~25.2V)
TVS Protection: Yes
BEC:3.3V 0.5A&  5V 3A & 9V 3A
MOUNTING: 30.5mm,M3




1. Add I2C function

2. When you connect the USB, the receiver and OSD settings can be saved

3. Increase the pad area

4. LED signal selection (when Mamba Led sys avaiable)

5. BEC short circuit protection

6. TVS instant high voltage protection 30V


1. F405 models support F.prot(Most)

2. Upgrade the anti-interference cable

3. Use Typec(Most)

4. The pad area of Mini flight controller (20×20) increased by 140%


1. Add self-recovery insurance to the receiver’s 5V power supply

2. Increase the camera VCC power supply pad

3. Standard flight controller (30.5×30.5) adds spare pad

4. Gyro uses an independent Low Dropout Regulator (Low Dropout Regulator) and reduces ripple interference


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