26*26mm URUAV F405 AIO 2-4S 20A Flight Controller STM32F405 ESC DShot150/300/600 for F95 Whoop Toothpick

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Processing Time : 1-3 Days

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Package Included:

1* F405 AIO Flight Controller
1 * 6-Pin Connector for Digital VTX
1 * 4-Pin Connector for Rx
1 * Cable Pigtail (XT30)
4 * Anti-vibration rubber dampers



Flight Controller ESC
168Mhz STM32F405 main control chip, can run higher speed PID Using high-performance EFM8BB21F16G microprocessor, running frequency up to 48 MHZ
Spi Bus MPU6000 Gyroscope, bring response time and excellent shock absorption effect 6-layer High Tg, copper thick PCB board, greatly reduce the heat, higher efficiency
Onboard OSD chip, can use BetaFlight parameter adjustment software to adjust parameters Using Blheli Open source program, you can upgrade the firmware or change the electrical adjustment parameters through the throttle signal line to support all functions of Blheli
UART5 + SBUS: UART1; UART1: With Receiver Socket, can plug into all kinds of receiver module DShot150/300/600 digital throttle mode and general PWM, OneShot125, OneShot42, MultShot throttle mode
LED interface; Buzzer interface
Analog camera, analog graphic interface (UART4)
Onboard 5V Bec, provide a cleaner image display effect for graphic transmission
Reasonable layout, according to the majority of flying hand installation requirements, the function of the pad together to avoid jumper



Iten Name: F405 AIO 20A Flight Controller

Mounting hole: 26*26mm

Size: 30*30mm

Weight: 6.2g

Flight Controller:

Firmware version: GEPR/GEPRCF405

5V: 5V stabilized power supply output interface

Maximum Current 3A

TX4: Picture Transfer Reference Pin (selected according to flight control firmware version)


VTX: Picture transfer interface

LEDS: RGB Lamp Band interface

Buzzer: Connect buzzer negative pole, positive Connection 5V

SUBS G RX5 TX5 GND VBAT: DJI access socket

Recommend Lipo: 2-4S Lipo


Continuous Current: 20A
Transient Current (10S) : 22A
Cell Number: 2-4S


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