20x20mm WIZZ F7 Flight Controller compatible DJI FPV Air Unit 4 LED Pad 5V BEC

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Processing Time : 1-3 Days

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Package Included:

1 x F7 Flight Controller



Brand: WIZZ

Item Name:  F7 Flight Controller

Mounting Hole: 20×20 mm

Gyro: MPU6000

Processor: F7 216mhz


DJI 6Pin (Plug and Play): Yes-10V/2A BEC

Max Voltage: 12S 50V

Motor Outputs: 6(M5/M6 pads)

LED Pads ( accessible at 4 corners) : Yes, 4 corners up to 40 leds

Serial port/UARTs: YES-5V/VBAT

Buzzer Pads: YeS

Blackbox: NO-the best racers dont use this anyway


VTX pit mode switch – configured in Betaflight modes

5V or VBAT selectable for VTX and CAM power

One wire Analogue Camera Control

4 Led pads (one at each corner) for easy LED installation – up to 40 LEDs on white and 100 LEDs in colour – perfect for FAI international races – shares 5V with 5V/2A BEC

6 UARTS, 4 full UARTS with RX AND TX pins

8 pin 4 in 1 ESC plug

M5, M6 pads for additional motor outputs

Buzzer pads for external buzzer

Built in Betaflight OSD

Boot button

Logical pin layout for cleanest build


Only supports serial receivers (SBUS, iBus, Spektrum, Crossfire). PPM and PWM receivers are not supported.

vtx pit switch cannot control dji plug


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