20x20mm Upgrade Betaflight F4 Noxe V1 Flight Controller AIO OSD 5V 8V BEC w/ Barometer and Blackbox



Processing Time : 1-3 Days


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Firmware: betaflight_4.1.0_FLYWOOF411.hex
2. 1.6mm Thickness PCB
3. Add 8V 3A dependent BEC
4. The black box is upgraded to 16MB
5. Add IIC (SDA, SCL) Port
6. Add CURT (current signal) input port
7. Remove PPM Port
8. Support 2-6S Lipo input

Package Included:
1x F4 Noxe V1 Flight Controller
1x Cable


Item Name: Betaflight F4 Flight Controller
Model: F4 Nox4 V1
Version: Standard Version / Deluxe Version
Standard Version: Without  Barometer and Blackbox
Deluxe Version: With Barometer and Blackbox

MPU: MPU6000
Input Voltage: Support 2-6S Lipo Input
Firmware: betaflight_4.1.0_FLYWOOF411.hex
Built-In Betaflight OSD
Built-in 5V@2.5A & 8V@3A BEC
Support Spektrum 1024 /2048 , SBUS, IBUS, PPM,
and 3.3V Spektrum Satellite receiver
Size: 27x27mm
Mounting Hole: 20x20mm , M2.5
Weight: 4.3g
Application: for less than 150mm frame kit

Diagram Picture Instruction:

GND: Ground

4.5V: Receiver power supply

+5V:  BEC 5V 2.5A cont.
8V:    BEC 8V 3A cont.
3.3V:  LDO3.3V,MAX.150MA
VBAT+:   share Lipo power 7.4V-26V(2-6S)
PWM1,PWM2,PWM3,PWM4:  ESC Signal
VOUT:  Video output for video Transmitter
VIN:  Camera Video input
BUZ+ BUZ-:  General active 5V buzzer for dbuz 5V
LED:  LED_Strip WS2812 LED signal
RX1 & TX1:   UART1
RX2 & TX2:   UART2
RX2(DSM/IBUS): DSM2/DSMX/IBUS RC Receive(Software Settings RX2)
SBUS: SBUS RC Receive (Software Settings RX2)
RSSI:Receiver signal strength
CAM-C: Camera control
CURT:Current signal input


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