How to Get your Drone Out of a Tree? The 7 Best and Easiest Ways!

Your drone has crashed into a tree. Of course, you want to get it out without damaging it further. One wrong move and your expensive drone ends up broken.

Most pilots experience this situation, including the best of them. I once crashed my Mavic Mini drone into a tree, but I was able to recover it and fly it again.

If you own a quadcopter, it’s only a matter of time before you end up in a tree.

In this article, you will discover how you can get your aircraft out of the tree without using any special or expensive tools.

Stay calm

Whenever a drone crashes into a tree, the first thing that you should do is stay calm. It is very easy to get frustrated and try to force the drone out of the tree, which could result in further damage.

The 7 best ways to get your drone out of the tree:

1. A long pole

The best way to get a drone out of a tree is to use a long pole to shake the branch the drone is sitting on or to move the drone directly. For example, you could use a broomstick or a long branch from another tree. If the tree is very tall, you should additionally use a ladder.

If it’s a small tree, maybe a broomstick will do.

Maybe you can break off a longer branch from another tree, or maybe there is one lying somewhere.

Another possibility is to connect two poles using tape in order to create a very long pole with which you can reach the drone. For instance, if you happen to have two broomsticks lying around, you could try taping them together with some good tape and using them to get closer to the drone.

You should ask your neighbor if he has a long bamboo stick lying around.

If you have a ladder, you will have a better chance of success. It’s possible that your ladder by itself won’t be able to get you close enough to the drone, but if you combine it with the long pole, it might be possible.

You might also find something to stand on to get higher up. Even a small pile of branches and leaves may be helpful.

If the drone is stuck very high up in the tree and you need a long pole to get it down, it is important to make sure that the drone will not be damaged when it hits the ground. Use mattresses, a pile of leaves, or thin branches to absorb the fall and ensure that your drone receives as little damage as possible.

2. Shake the tree

This is probably the easiest way to get your drone out of the tree. This approach only works for smaller trees.

If the tree is not too massive, you should try to bring the drone down by shaking it.

If the tree is too heavy, you might want to bring another person with you so that the two of you can combine your strength to move the large, heavy tree.


If the drone crashes to the ground, particularly if the tree is quite tall, it is possible that it will get damaged. It is recommended that you place a couple of mattresses or a few pillows under the tree so that the drone can land smoothly.

When I was younger, I had to rescue a model airplane from the branches of a tree without causing any damage to it. I used this method. It was extremely easy.

3. Climb the tree

If you are athletic, you should try to climb the tree.

Because this is not the safest method, I strongly suggest that you look into the other options first.

You don’t necessarily have to climb all the way to the top; it’s enough if you can reach the branch on which the drone is sitting.

Maybe you can also take a small pole up with you to move the drone.

Unfortunately, there are also many trees that you just can’t climb. If the next branch is too far up, you can use a ladder to reach it and then climb the tree.

I am aware of how stressed you are trying to recover your drone from the tree, but putting your wellbeing in danger is not worth it. So before you risk your life, try safer methods.

4. Use a ladder

If you own a ladder, you’ve probably already thought of this.

With a ladder, you are easily able to reach the drone and bring it down.

If you don’t have a ladder or if your ladder is not big enough, ask your neighbor or one of your friends to lend you one. They will surely help you. Assuming you are not necessarily located in the middle of nowhere.

If you have access to a ladder, you might be able to move the drone by shaking a thinner branch that you reach with the ladder. Because the trunk becomes less thick as you climb higher, shaking the tree becomes easier.

5. Throw something against the branch to shake it

No, I absolutely do not want you to throw anything at your drone and completely wreck it.

However, if you can cause the branch to shake, for instance by throwing a ball against it, your drone might fall down.

Do you have access to a ball that you could potentially throw? It could work perfectly if you threw the ball against the branch to bring down your drone.

You can throw everything that is available to you.

However, you should not throw objects that can hurt you in the end, such as stones. It is very possible that the stone will come down in your direction and hit you on the head. So be careful.

6. Try to Fly Out

If your battery is not yet dead, you should try to fly the drone out of the tree.

7. Use a drone with a net

If you have another drone, you can try to use it to get the stuck drone out of the tree.

For example, you can attach a net to the drone and try to catch the stuck drone with it.

You need excellent flying skills and you should be very careful, otherwise you might have 2 drones stuck in the tree.

However, if you have the confidence to pull this maneuver off, it might be worth a try.

Can I call the fire department if my drone is stuck on a tree?

Since it is not an urgent emergency, you should not do this. However, you can go to your local fire station and ask politely, maybe someone will help you.