How Many Batteries Do I Need When I Buy a Drone?

You are interested in purchasing a drone, but you are unsure of how many batteries you really need. You don’t want to throw away money, but you also want to make sure you have enough batteries for your brand-new drone so that it can always be operated.

When you buy a drone, the number of batteries you need depends on the model you buy and how you plan to use the drone.

2-4 batteries should be sufficient for a hobbyist who flies the drone once a week to capture some cool images. On the other hand, if you are a really passionate drone pilot and you fly around with your drone on a daily basis, I would suggest purchasing anywhere from five to seven batteries. If you are a professional drone photographer who occasionally has to travel long distances to get to a client who needs aerial shots or goes to faraway locations to take pictures, you should make sure that you have at least ten batteries available, just to be safe.

How long can drones fly?

The majority of today’s drones are capable of achieving a flight time of between 20 and 35 minutes. With up to 46 minutes of flight time, the DJI Mavic 3 currently has the longest flight time of any consumer drone currently available on the market.

How do I know how many batteries I need? Ask yourself these questions:

What do you plan to do with your drone and how often will you use it?

If you want to know how many batteries to buy for your new drone, the first question you need to ask yourself is, “For what purpose am I buying this drone?”

  • You might decide that you only want to use your drone once a week in order to take some nice pictures with it. Do you want to just spend the weekends flying around and exploring the various locations in the area?
  • Or do you plan to fly your drone every single day, perhaps visiting more distant locations to capture some footage? Imagine that you have found a truly incredible location to take pictures with your drone, only to find out that all of your batteries are dead.
  • You want to make money with your drone and capture footage for clients? The client is sometimes far away from home (where your charging station is)? You should also take into consideration the possibility that it will take more time than anticipated to satisfy the client, and as a result, you need a few more extra batteries.

How often can you charge your batteries?

Another important question you should ask yourself is, how often can I recharge my batteries?

If you have a charging station in your car, you will of course need fewer batteries, because you will always be able to charge the empty batteries while flying.

Likewise, if you fly your drone only in your backyard, your charging station is close to you and therefore you need fewer batteries.

The answer

If you have asked yourself the questions that were listed above, you should now hopefully be able to more accurately estimate the number of batteries that you will require. You should also give some thought to transporting a charging station in your vehicle; if you do this, you will obviously require a smaller quantity of batteries.