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Our goal/vision for Dronegem :

Welcome to Dronegem, a website designed for your entire drone piloting desires, managed by a small but passionate team of drone pilot enthusiasts. We are responsible for the upkeep and running of Dronegem, which was created to share our interest in drone piloting and provide a location for others in the community to find quality drones, accessories and advice, all in one place. Together, we have years of experience and extensive insight into the industry, including manufacturers, products, regulations and more. That’s why our customers trust Dronegem to offer only high-quality, recommended items that will provide a fantastic piloting experience.

Our passion, experience and commitment to drone piloting makes us a perfect resource for answering any of our customer’s questions. We’re available 24 hours a day by email for customers to get in contact with queries. If you need any help with your purchasing decisions or would like more information on the products, delivery service or payment, simply drop us a line and we’ll gladly get back to you to share our expertise.

Our offices are located in Germany.


Once you experience the rush of flying drones, you don’t turn back.

At Dronegem, you can find everything you need to take your piloting experience to the next level. Whether you’re an FPV racing pilot, a photographer or a drone enthusiast, you can get your hands on the perfect equipment to turn your hobby into a way of life.

Discover the latest camera drones that can offer faster speeds, longer ranges and superior control from a huge range of manufactures. Browse our collection of high-quality cameras that provide unbelievable footage and an exhilarating in-flight experience. And, with a wide range of spare parts and accessories, you’ll always be ready for take-off.

Can’t decide which quadcopter is for you? Dronegem not only offer equipment, but also detailed knowledge of the industry. Check out our useful blog to learn more about multicopters or for help with your purchasing decisions.

When you’re ready to make your order, you can benefit from free shipping on orders over $50 – wherever you are in the world. And, if you happen to change your mind, Dronegem offer refunds within a 14-day window.

If you have any further questions about the products, our team of experts are here to help. Feel free to contact us by email for a great customer service experience.

Here are some of the reasons why you should buy your drone from Dronegem :

  • 24/7 friendly/helpful customer support. we answer all your questions, just drop us a line.
  • 14-day refund policy. Not satisfied with the product? Let us know, we will find a solution.
  • Chance to get coupons & gifts, also special deals.
  • You will find great in-depth tutorials & content on our website.
  • Newest Products for a fair price.

We have one disadvantage, our shipping times with mostly 4-12 business days are a bit longer. But you save A LOT on shipping costs.

If you need your item very quickly, buy it somewhere else. We are already working on faster shipping times.




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