15 Cool Things You Can Do with a Drone

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Drones can be used to do much more than shoot stunning images and videos. If you’re creative enough, you can do countless awesome things with your drone. In this article, we’re going to go over 15 cool things that you can do with your drone today, so you may want to stick around.

1/ Cast Your Fishing Line Remotely

Not only can a drone help you have more fun, but it can also simplify numerous activities, one of which is fishing. Some of the latest drone models available today come equipped with advanced electronic attachments that are ideal for fishing, including a fishfinder pod and bait-casting pod.

Trying to cast your line to a specific location can be challenging, especially when sea fishing. If you have a drone that features a bait-casting pod attachment, you’ll be able to clip your line to it, land the drone in whichever location you want, and just release the line into that location.

Think about it, with the aid of a drone that can cast lines remotely, you won’t even have to get into the water. You can just stand on the beach and have your drone flying over the swells and casting the line on your behalf. This is next-level fishing right here and you must surely try it out.

2/ Start Drone Racing Competitively

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We’re quite confident that you’ve tried drone racing with other drone owners before, but did you know that drone racing is a real sport? Did you know that you can race drones competitively? It may not be as popular as football or basketball, but it’s growing significantly around the world.

There are a bunch of different drone racing leagues that you can join. Some of them encourage amateur participation, whereas others only allow professional drone pilots to sign up for their big events. To qualify for a professional league, you need to have the right drone specifications.

3/ Capture and Report Illegal Activities

You can use your drone to start exposing crimes and unethical acts. A drone can be especially helpful to journalist environmentalists. However, there are rules and regulations that you have to follow if you want to start using drones for spying unless you want to spend some time in jail.

If you’re going to use your drone for spying, you should never trespass onto private property. It’s illegal in most places. In addition, you should never try to use your drone to spy on government facilities, as this is a federal crime. Also, you must never record people without their consent.

You also should avoid flying your drone near emergencies as a means of capturing footage, as it can interfere with the emergency crew. If you’re going to utilize your drone for journalism, you have to abide by the ethical principles of journalism as well as by the laws of drone use.

4/ Use Drones to Deliver Packages

Drones are getting faster by the minute, with some of the newest drones exceeding the 40 mph mark. With that said, drones are a superb means of delivering food in short periods of time. This isn’t implemented by restaurants and fast food services yet, but it’s bound to happen soon.

If you’re running a local business, you can also utilize drones to deliver packages autonomously. We can also foresee drones being used as a means of delivering mail by the post office. There are countless things that you can deliver with the aid of drones, you just need to be creative.

5/ Earn Money from Aerial Photography

Awesome view

Did you know that you can make a ton of money with your drone from aerial photography? keep in mind that not any drone will do. You need to have a drone that’s capable of capturing videos and photos in ultra-high definition. Not only that, but you need to know how to control it properly.

With the aid of a souped-up drone, you can actually start your own aerial photography business. You’ll be doing something you love while earning good money at the same time. And best of all, you’re going to be your own boss and you can work on your own terms. Sounds cool, right?

Who exactly hires aerial photographers? Real estate companies are fond of aerial photography, as it helps them offer engaging property listings. You can also be hired by couples looking for a wedding photographer. Keep in mind that you’ll need a permit from the FFA for commercial use.

6/ You Can Use Your Drone for Cooking

Okay, this is going to come across as crazy, but hey, it’s still an interesting idea to try. Assuming you’ve tried doing every possible activity with your drone, how about you begin employing it for cooking? Here’s a cool YouTube video that showcases how you can use a drone for cooking.

The propellers on a drone can be utilized for skinning fruits and slicing vegetables. You can also utilize the drone itself to plot ingredients into a hot pot of water without even getting close to the burner. If you risk rendering your high-priced drone useless, you can just skip this entire idea.

7/ Search and Rescue Volunteering

Considering their lightweight and extreme ease of use, drones can elevate off the ground much quicker than helicopters, which makes them optimal instruments for search and rescue missions when someone goes missing or other similar emergency situations like spotting and tracking.

However, you can’t just join any search and rescue team. You have to search for programs that offer amateur drone pilots the chance to join as volunteers. You can also find numerous training programs online that will help you gain experience in the field as well as certification.

We highly recommend checking out Drone Pro Academy if you’d like to take search and rescue classes as an amateur drone pilot. In addition, you can sign up for boot camps offered by drone manufacturers if you’d like to go through hands-on training and have the chance to save lives.

8/ Set Up a Spectacular Light Show

Fireworks can be quite cost-prohibitive if you’re trying to put on an awesome nighttime party, but luckily, you can use one or two drones as an alternative. All you need to do is purchase a string of LEDs, hook them to your drones, and enjoy a spectacular light show that won’t be forgotten.

You can find plenty of drone-compatible LED lights on different e-commerce sites like Amazon. By drone-compatible, we mean that the lights are equipped with everything required to integrate into your drone’s power systems. Try to look for lights that are designed for your specific drone.

9/ Volunteer for Wildlife Conservation

Drones are now being used by wildlife conservation organizations as a means of surveillance. In fact, such organizations are always on the lookout for volunteers for help. Keep in mind that the FFA has set specific rules and regulations when it comes to using drones of wildlife surveillance.

Obviously, this may not be a very convenient activity to partake in if you don’t live close enough to areas that need surveillance, so it’s not for everyone. However, if you live close enough to an area that conservation organizations would like to survey, this is a great opportunity to help.

Aside from helping the planet, you’ll always be exploring numerous exotic places, searching for rare animals, and just having the time of your life on your drone scouting missions. There are organizations that are willing to pay for drone surveys, so you can earn some extra bucks.

10/ Help Lifeguards Watch for Swimmers

It’s mandatory that all beaches and swimming pools have lifeguards watching for swimmers who are in danger of drowning. The thing is, however, lifeguards may not always have the chance to rescue someone who’s in danger before it’s too late. And this is where drones come into play.

Drones can help pinpoint swimmers who are in danger long before lifeguards are able to discern the danger of the situation. Additionally, drones can travel far into the sea aerially without any problems, so lifeguards will have a crystalline-clear vision of what’s going on in the water.

11/ Build Your Own Ornithopter Drone

Most drones on the market utilize rotors in order to take to the sky. There are even models that feature fixed wings available on the market. But did you know that there are numerous drone enthusiasts that are trying to build ornithopter drones that can mimic the flight patterns of birds?

In simple terms, ornithopter drones are capable of flying with the aid of flapping wings, just like a bird. By the way, the word “ornithopter” comes from ornithology, which is the study of birds. This isn’t a type of drone that you can find on the market, so you’ll have to build it yourself.

Building an ornithopter drone may not be as simple as hooking LED lights to create a light show, but the tools and materials required to accomplish your project are within reach and don’t cost that much money. Here’s a YouTube tutorial that explains how you can build an ornithopter.

12/ Utilize Drones for Virtual Tourism

Gone are the days when you had to have a good sum of notes in order to travel to your favorite destinations. Granted, exploiting your favorite places, in reality, is a lot more fun than observing a live feed, but not everyone is fortunate enough to travel around the world without any hassles.

With the aid of drones that are equipped with a live video feed feature, virtual tourists are able to explore their favorite places with ease. Drones can be used to explore historical sites, beaches, etc. You won’t even pay a fraction of what traveling to these locations will require you to pay.

13/ The Perfect Selfie for Your Profile

If you have a drone that’s equipped with a high-res camera, you can say goodbye to standing in front of a mirror and taking boring selfies. You don’t even have to hold your camera anymore. A drone will help you take a captivating selfie from an ideal angle without any problems.

When it comes to capturing selfies or photos in general with a drone, you’re limited only by your creativity. You can take your drone with you anywhere and capture photos from any angle, so let your creativity soar as high as your drone and capture that perfect selfie or group photo.

14/ Use Drones as a Means of Security

One of the most popular uses of drones is to secure properties. You can employ a drone that’s equipped with a live video functionality to check on your property. It can also be very convenient if you’d like to check on certain hard-to-reach areas of your property without breaking a sweat.

For instance, you can use your drone to check on your roof without having to take out the ladder from the garage, set it up against the house, and climb it to get to the roof. You can just put your drone to use and have it hover over the roof so that you can check on it remotely.

15/ You Can Create Maps or 3D Models

Not all the photo maps that you find online are up to date, which is why utilizing drones to create updated photo maps of local areas is a great idea. You wouldn’t only be having fun, but you’d be serving your community as well. You can also use your drone to create 3D models of things.

All you have to do to build a 3D model of something is to fly your high-res camera drone around it, capture a few pictures from various angles, and use software like Pix4D to create a 3D model using the photos you’ve captured. For map creation, you can use software like DroneDeploy.

Final Words

There’s plenty of other cool stuff that you can do with your drone. All you have to do is unleash your creativity. Did you enjoy our list? Feel free to let us know which one of the activities shared in this article you’re going to try.

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